Welcome, you’ve found the Maggio Family site!


Welcome to the Maggio Family Web Site. We are excited to see you here. To view anything beyond this first page, you will need to get a login. The login gets you access to pictures stored on Microsoft OneDrive, broken down in different Family areas and it gives you access to the Genealogy section which has our family tree research. The slideshows you see on this page all come from pictures on the onedrive site

Our Family Pictures


I have thousands of pictures and videos saved on my cloud drive. I also have boxes and boxes of pictures and quite a few photo albums. The question is how do you share them without sharing with the world?

Do you have family picture stashed away and want to share? You can upload them here is you want. Not digital, let’s talk. I may be able to scan them for you and return



Our Family Tree


A long time ago I went on a family tree research adventure. I found census records, old notes, obituaries, etc. I was doing it to try and locate a branch of my family on my Dad’s side that we lost touch with and unfortunately I still have not connected with them. Well, I have collected what I had as well as my Juanita did for her family a long time ago for her side of the family.

It is not 100% correct, it is nowhere near complete and has been just sitting on my hard drive for a long time. So have a look into what I have and share what you know, fix stuff that is wrong and help fill in the blanks.





How are the Pictures Organized?


You have to start somewhere. I tried several different ways and this seemed best.

I basically created 3 high level folders. The first is for John & Juanita. All our pictures are there. Us, the kids, vacations, pets, etc.

The second folder is John’s family. This includes the kids as grown ups, My brothers, their kids, pictures of extended family, my parents, etc.

The last folder is Juanita’s family. It includes her sisters and brother and any extended family pictures she has, which are very few.

This could change over time, so just sit back and enjoy.



What’s coming next?

That’s up to you. I have a few ideas i want to look at.

Streaming Home videos, Maybe a chat section, a support & question forum, uploads page, contact page, More genealogy pages and applying pictures to the actual tree.

I am open to other suggestions and critique of the site also. I will have a contact us button and uploads page soon.