This is the site for 2 Old people and dog blog. We will have a new site eventually but I decided to start it here so when I start the new site, I have some content to move over.

In case you are new, the two Old People we are referring to are John & Juanita Maggio. Juanita turned 62 recently and John will be 61 in March. Our dog, Trooper is give or take 5 years old. We plan to travel together after John Retires in January. Our goals include, but are not limited to,:


  • Visit as many comedy clubs we can across the country
  • Visit at least 1 special site in every state
  • See as many Federal parks and Monuments as possible
  • Follow a few bands we like and try and see them in small venues
  • Stay warm and away from cold weather as much as possible


When you view the map of comedy clubs, you will see most are blue, because we have not been there yet. As of 12/17/2017 we have visited 4, two in Louisville and 2 in Indy. You will see that rise in 2018.