I am using a program called TNG the next Generation in genealogy program. It is a web based program. My original files are on Family tree maker 2014. That is where I am making updates and will import them to the site.

If you have additional info, need to correct some info, add new info, for now you will need to send to me at john.j.maggio@gmail.com. I will have a form up eventually to submit.

If the information about you or yours is incomplete or even wrong, don’t worry. I have not looked at most of it for many years. I will fix it.

What do i need?

  • Names – Maiden if married
  • date of birth and place
  • date of death and place – if applicable
  • Children names, dob, place, etc
  • Date of marriages and place
  • If you give me too much, i will add to notes.

If you want to give pictures, scans of documents, personal stories or any other info that will help us know the person, that is great. I eventually will make a gedcom file available for download, but not until I get some additional updates.