Welcome to my Madsonic server. Madsonic is an audio/video streaming server that i have had for many years. It uses the movies, TV shows, music, audio books, training videos, etc that I have stored on my network at home. It is pretty reliable unless i decide to upgrade, which I haven’t in quite some time. It is running from my home, so performance is only as good as my internet connection.

Using the server requires a separate login. I am investigating if I can somehow pass your login to the site to the server, but that is not a high priority. I decided to put this here so i could consolidate stuff in one website. If you do not have a login, then contact me and ask. i will set one up as soon as i can. This is not meant to be used by the public at large, so if i see any particular ID’s logging in from multiple IP addresses and using up all the bandwidth, i will disable that account. If you would like one for your wife/husband/significant other/child, ask me (john.j.maggio@gmail.com) and i will set them up. I would rather have 5 accounts for one family,than 5 people sharing one account.


Click on picture of front page and it will open in a new tab.