ComedySportz Indianapolis

ComedySportz Indianapolis

Date Attended – 12/16/2017

This was a new experience for Juanita and me. This is an Improv club that uses a sports theme to have two teams compete for the coveted trophy, which is any trophy they have laying around. This week is was for something like the 2001 girls swimming or something like that.

Improv comedy is basically comedy that is made up on the spot based on audience suggestions. So the “referee” will walk thru the crowd and ask for the name of a pop star, kind of detergent and your favorite animal. Then combine them in a sentence and the team of 3 comedians have to do a skit based on this. They have a board of pre-determined skits that we chose from a roll of the dice sort of thing as well as a series of questions they asked the audience and those that shouted loudest got there choice heard.

The early shows, which we attended are clean. The 10pm show is usually adult oriented. i wish we could stay up for a 10pm show because I can see that the dirtier it is, the more fun it would be. But Juanita and i like risque humor. Others obviously donot and to allow kids in, they keep the early shows clean.


This was our first Improv show and we really like it. It was quite a different experience than a normal stand up and you really can’t compare. They are like two different comedy genres. It’s like going to a formal dinner at a 100 a plate restaurant versus going for a burger at a sports club. Both are good and you will walk out full. We walked out after laughing quite a lot, but it did not have the belly laughs that some comedians provide in stand up. i would definitely recommend you go to some improv and maybe some adult improv. This was a comfortable club, prices were reasonable and the show was good. What else can you ask for?

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