Crackers Comedy Downtown Indianapolis

Crackers Comedy Club Downtown

Date Attended:  12/14/2017

Headliner РApril Macie 

What a great show. As is normal, the opening acts were good, but not great. April was really funny. We have seen her before and enjoyed it a lot. She really enjoys probing the audience and the show goes as the audience goes. Since we sat right up front, we got, well, I got picked on and I loved it.

if you are sqeemish about sexual or other language, then she is not the comedian to see.

For a Thursday night, the club had quite a few people. When you purchase tickets you can pay extra $2 to get priority seating. That gets you in the first couple rows. We were on the seats that ringed the stage. Those are the seats that get picked on, so if you are shy, don’t get the priority tickets.

The club itself is nothing to get overly excited about. The lobby had a bar and they opened the doors about 30 mins before the show. Since we had assigned seats, no need to run to get in.

Overall we enjoyed the show, the club was nice and we would go back again to see April or the club.

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