Portugal. The man/Vance Joy

Date: 12/15/2017

Location: Murat Theater – Indianapolis, Indiana

seats – Row 2 Orchestra Pit


Review Location  – the location was very nice. They sold Beer and Wine, Popcorn and other junk food. Our seats were a bit crunched but we were right up on stage, just 1 row away.

The Concert – I have to admit, I blew it. I did not realize that Portugal. The man was OPENING for Vance Joy. PTM came on right at 8pm and ended about 50 minutes later. They played alot of the songs i really like and missed a lot I was hoping to hear. The acoustics for PTM were terrible. They sounded like they were playing in a school gym. The lighting was even worse with the lead singer and others almost totally dark. If we were not so close, we would have barely seen him. The music overwhelmed his voice, there were no backup singers. I was very disappointed.

When Vance Joy came on, the sound was excellent, lighting was excellent. So it seems to me that as an opening act they were treated as second class because they would have shown up Vance Joy. vance joy is a talented singer and guitar player but he sells based on his sex appeal and is pure pop. We almost left early but they played a very short set from about 9:30 to 10:45 or so and no encore. i will make sure in the future I look for whether a group is opening or playing second fiddle. In this case PTM was second fiddle and was treated that way.

We have purchased tickets to see PTM in Louisville in February. We are way back since we waited so long to buy but i am sure i will see a better concert than I did in the second row. This was probably the most disappointing concert I have ever been to.


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