Laugh Factory – Chicago

Laugh Factory – Chicago

Date Attended – 04/27/2018


Let’s get to the overall review first. This show was one of the best we have ever been to at a comedy club. It was titled as “Drink, Date, Laugh” and we did. Let’s do a bit of an overview.

Tickets were $17 as first come first serve. So if you wanted to sit up front you would have to get there early. We did not want to take any chances of having to stand or sitting further back, so we bought the VIP tickets for $27 and we got in early and a table right upfront.

They handed out a questionnaire with some interesting questions that they went through to pull different audience members into the discussion. They were fun questions and some of the banter back and forth was great. There were 5 comedians with banter in between and an audience participation contest at the end. The winner got a $50 gift certificate.

Since we were right up front, we were the topic of several questions and jokes and I loved it. That’s why I like to sit up front. The entire show was funny and was a perfect length and moved at a good pace.

The club itself was comfortable and the staff were very nice. They had a limited beer menu and no draft. One warning, parking in Chicago is terrible and we drove around for 30+ minutes and finally parked illegally hoping not to get a ticket. We lucked out and did not receive a ticket. I would suggest uber/lyft or mass transit and leave the car at home. We were in Skokie at an airbnb so we thought driving would be best. No, it wasn’t, but it all worked out.

I would definitely go back for the same show in the future. I did not catch all the comedian names but the three I remember were awesome –¬†Paul Farahvar, Kyle Scanlan and Sarah Perry. They were funny and excellent at reacting to audience answers, no matter where they led.¬† I am sorry I missed the other two comedian names.


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