Hedy’s Place AIRBNB – Morton Grove, Illinois

We stayed at Hedy’s place in Skokie/Morton grove Illinois for three nights. Here is a link to her AIRBNB along with our review and others.¬†Hedy’s Place on AIRBNB

Dates  Stayed Р4/26 Р4/29/2018

We gave Hedy’s Place a 5 star review and believe it is a great place to stay. It is not for everyone. If you like total privacy and don’t want to have to talk to anyone other than maybe the front desk clerk, then this is not the place for you.

If on the other hand you are a little bit adventurous, then this might be a good place. You are in The Hollerman’s home and you have the entire finished basement as your area and you can use the entire main floor which has a kitchen, living room, reading/play room, another bath and access to a printer if you need it. They have a very nice front deck and a nice backyard, although the weather was not quite nice enough to sit outside.

We were hesitant to try it but decided to give it a whirl and it was not a mistake. The family is so nice, it was contagious. Only the grumpiest of people could walk away from there and not be inspired. I am very grumpy and not overly sentimental, but I was mellowed and happy staying there.

Our only issue was that they had a skunk outside a couple months ago and it managed to spray the basement walls outside and you could smell it in the back room and slightly in the basement. Our dog has been sprayed before so we are hyper sensitive but it was just a minor annoyance and will be gone now that the weather is warming up and things can air properly. Hedy warned us when we signed up and gave us a chance to back out. I am glad we didn’t.


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