Kathleen Madigan/Raanan Hershberg

We traveled up to Skokie, Illinois to see Raanan Hershberg and Kathleen Madin your face humour. igan. The show was performed at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts.

Raanan Hershberg opened for Kathleen Madigan. He is from Louisville and currently lives in NYC. We have seen him probably a dozen times and in my opinion he was at his best for this show. His humor is a mix of sarcasm, self deprecation and a little bit political.  Although we had heard many of the jokes before, it is amazing to watch a comedian take their material and rework, add, subtract and generally improve it over time. A funny joke is a funny joke, but the story you surround it with, the lead up, the way you deliver it can all work to improve a funny joke and make it a funny bit. Raanan has improved over the years we have seen him and I look for him to make it big some day. Opening for Kathleen seems like a great step in that direction.

Kathleen Madigan is awesome comedian. If you have never seen her netflix specials, you should check them out. She is constantly on tour so you should check her out. He humor is irreverent, sarcastic, wise gal, heavy drinker, irish catholic girl gone wild, in your face humor. She is one of my favorites. Her humor and Raanan’s mixes well. This is my first time seeing her in person and i will be looking for additional opportunities in the future. She had me rolling on the floor.

Finally, i would like to mention the North Shore Center Theater. It was a great place to see a show. Easy to get to, parking was free, drinks were good (beer list a bit limited) and the seats are all good. I will post a couple pictures on a later update.


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